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Frontend Machine Coding Round Preparation

Himanshu Shekhar

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Prepare for machine coding round for interview by making small apps in React that are actually asked in interviews.Launch Date - 7th Oct,2023


If you're a frontend developer looking to switch jobs and prepare for the machine coding round for your next React interview, our "React JS Machine Coding Round Preparation" course is the perfect fit for you!

In this course, we've curated a list of small React apps that are commonly asked in machine coding rounds by companies like Paytm, Oracle, Accenture, Adobe, and more. We'll teach you how to create these apps from scratch, providing you with working coding solutions that you can use to impress interviewers and land your dream job.

Note - Pre-enrollment has been started. The course will be live from 7th Oct,2023

Key Highlights

1 . Prepare for frontend machine coding round for interview.

2. Learn by making small apps in React that are asked in interviews.

3. All these apps are asked by various companies in their machine coding e.g.: Paytm , Oracle, Accenture, IBM , Razor Pay , MMT , Cars24 etc.

4. Curated specially for Frontend developer looking to switch job.

5. Expert guidance and support throughout the course.

6. Dive into real-world coding challenges that mimic interview scenarios, preparing you for what to expect.

7. Certificate of completion will be provided

What you will learn

Learning Outcome 1

Gain a deep understanding of fundamental React Js concepts and their applications in machine coding interviews.

Learning Outcome 2

Learn advanced React Js techniques and best practices used in machine coding scenarios.

Learning Outcome 3

Develop hands-on coding skills through a series of practical exercises and projects.

Learning Outcome 4

Be interview ready , since you will be building a lot of small features and app which is asked in the frontend interview



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Lecture 1 - Dynamic Reusable Modal

2 attachments • 16 mins



Source Code

Lecture 2 - Star Rating System

2 attachments • 21 mins


Source Code

Lecture 3 - Dynamic Progress Bar

2 attachments • 18 mins


Source Code

Lecture 4 - Pagination System

2 attachments • 19 mins


Source Code

Lecture 5 - Infinite Scroll with Shimmer Effect

2 attachments • 31.47 mins


Source Code

Lecture 6 - Todo List / CRUD App

3 attachments • 42.11 mins

Part 1

Part 2

Source Code

Lecture 7 - Search Bar with Dropdown and Typehead

2 attachments • 31.34 mins


Source Code

Lecture 8 - Optimizing Search Bar with Debouncing

2 attachments • 21.44 mins


Source Code

Lecture 9 - Stop Watch App

4 attachments • 30.72 mins

Part 1

Part 2

Source Code

sec to hh:mm:ss

Lecture 10 - Calculator

3 attachments • 33.13 mins

Part 1

Part 2

Source Code

Lecture 11 - Accordian

2 attachments • 24.66 mins


Source Code

Lecture 12 - Dynamic Image Carousel

2 attachments • 1 mins


Source Code


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Bonus 1 - Random Password Generator

3 attachments • 45.38 mins

Part 1

Part 2

Source Code

Bonus 2 - Tic Tac Toe (Game)

2 attachments • 29.21 mins


Source Code

Resume Template

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When you complete this course you receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me.

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The way he teaches and explain complex logic is too good.

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Kriti Vardhan Ray

Frontend Developer

Grabbed the course without even thinking twice. I know his teaching style, and machine coding is something I was planning to learn. glad he launched it

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}


Java Developer


Is the lecture recorded ?


How will this help me ?

Many good companies have a mandatory machine coding round where they ask you to build few small section of an app , or few small feature . live in front of them. This course have curated most of the asked question , so that you don't face any difficulty while solving them.

What is the language of the course ?


Will I get the code ?

Yes, the code repo will be provided to you.

Which language is used to solve machine round questions ?

All the machine coding rounds questions are solved using react js

About the creator

About the creator

Himanshu Shekhar

Hi, I am a software engineer with 4.5+ year of experience. I mainly work as a frontend developer(web developer). I have worked on multiple frontend project with multiple organization.Apart from that I have been teaching students online for more than 2 years and my goal is to make student pro in the field of web development , so that no compnay can reject them when it comes to skillset.

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